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Gaston Narada International LTD
Gaston Narada International Ltd., the combination of Gaston Battery Industrial Ltd and Narada Power source Co. Ltd., headquartered in Hong Kong, focus on international market and offers a wide range of service to help its mother company group globalize. For its Mainland China based group of manufacturers and exporters, it has opened an office in Shenzhen.


Glove Box

No. Lab mater 130, this advanced equipment is import in Germany and can be used for conducting production on polymer lithium-ion battery



Lithium-ion Battery High Temperature
Formation System

No. ELE-FHB-256, this equipment is produced by domestic and can be used for the formation of polymer lithium-ion battery



Constant Humidity & Heat Test Box

No. HS-0150, it is produced by domestic and can be used for testing the performance of humidity & heat of polymer lithium-ion battery




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Gaston Narada International Ltd
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